Let England Shake - 12 Short Films by Seamus Murphy (DVD)

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Films Photographed, Directed and Produced by Seamus Murphy.
Edited by Sebastian Gollek.
All songs are featured on the album "Let England Shake".
Written and Composed by PJ Harvey. Recorded in Dorset, April - May 2011 by:
PJ Harvey, Mick Harvey, John Paris and Flood.
1. Let England Shake Video
2. The Last Living Rose Video
3. The Glorious Land Video
4. The Words That Maketh Murder Video
5. All and Everyone Video
6. On Battleship Hill Video
7. England Video
8. In the Dark Places Video
9. Bitter Branches Video 1
10. Hanging on the Wire Video 1
11. Written on the Forehead Video 1
12. The Colour of the Earth Video 1
13. England Video